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Yoga with Studs

  • Take your yoga practice to the next level. The AQUAZORB Yoga Towel with Studs is the perfect size for your mat. The studs lining the bottom of the towel give you greater increased stability and traction so you can practice your asana with confidence, helping develop your flexibility and strength. The super-absorbent fabric keeps you dry and refreshed, and protects your yoga mat from dampness and bacteria, making it the most hygienic choice for you. Roll it up with the AQUAZORB Loop after your yoga class for
    maximum space-saving convenience.

    Size: 176 x 67 cm

    Washing Instructions
    Separate the dark and light colours to prevent discoloration and stains. Refrain from using bleach and fabric softeners. Wring and hang to dry. Do not iron.

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